Concrete Contractor in New Castle, DE

If you are starting a commercial or residential project that requires a concrete contractor, Outside Services, LLC is the company you need to contact. Outside Services, LLC is one of the leading concrete contractors in New Castle, DE, and we specialize in stamped/regular concrete services and masonry services.

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Concrete Services in New Castle, DE

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Do you need a new garage floor, driveway, or patio for your house that is currently under construction? Or is your current driveway is too old, cracked, and needs to be replaced? Then, Outside Services, LLC is ready to help. Our company is a team of professional and experienced concrete specialists who service residential and commercial clients in New Castle, DE, and other surrounding areas.
The advanced techniques that we use, and the proper installation allow us to install durable and long-lasting concrete that would last you for many years. Our company specializes in two types of concrete – stamped concrete and regular concrete.

Regular Concrete

If you are looking for a premier concrete contractor in New Castle, DE, or any other surrounding area, you have found one – Outside Services LLC. Our company is able to help you with any concrete needs and handle any residential or commercial concrete project, regardless of its size and complexity. We can guarantee you a beautiful and resilient surface with a smooth, regal, and refried look.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is the type of concrete that has a pattern, color, and texture added to it in order to resemble another material, such as tile, stone, or any other material. It is a decorative type of concrete that is beautiful and makes any pavement and driveway look unique. We specialize in stamped concrete, and we can create it the way you want by adding color, shade, texture, and stamp of your choice. Outside Services LLC is one of the top-rated stamped concrete contractors in the area.


At Outside Services LLC, we also specialize in paving services that we provide to both our residential and commercial clients in New Castle, DE, and other surrounding towns. We can do everything related to paving – from initial landscape planning, design, installation of pavers, and retaining walls. We are a full-service paving company, the specialists of which has years of experience in the paving industry.

Masonry Services in New Castle, DE

Whether you are in need of retaining walls for functional purposes or for aesthetic purposes, you should contact Outside Services LLC which specializes in masonry in New Castle, DE, and other nearby areas and towns. We know how to build durable and high-quality retaining walls that will serve you for many years, and we always add structure and curb appeal to make properties look great and unique. If you want to add aesthetics, beauty, and permanence to your landscape, feel free to contact our company that is always here for you.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are special structures that are designed to retain material on one side in order to prevent it from collapsing or slipping. Our company specializes in installing high-quality and durable retaining walls, and if you are thinking of getting retaining walls for your property, here is a list of benefits:

  • They enhance the value of your property. Retaining walls can add aesthetics to your property and enhance its value. Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your home at some point, adding retaining walls may be a good idea.
  • They are durable and do not require complicated maintenance. Retaining walls are made of durable and hard materials, so they can withstand harsh weather conditions. You do not have to spend time and money on repairing and rebuilding them – they will last for many years.
  • They are extremely functional. These walls can withstand heavy weight, which makes them very functional. Moreover, with the help of these walls, you can create attractive and space-saving vertical gardens.
  • Retaining walls are eco-friendly. They are considered environmentally friendly because they do not cause disruption to the natural environment. They also look natural because they blend with the natural surroundings seamlessly.
  • They can prevent erosion. Erosion is one of the worst things that can happen on your property because it causes sinkholes, washes away fertilizers, and ruins landscapes. With the help of retaining walls, you can prevent erosion and keep plants in your garden in place.

If you are considering getting retaining walls, you should contact Outside Services LLC for several reasons. We can design and build quality retaining walls that will keep your soil from moving downhill. The walls that we construct are also versatile and add usable space to your landscape.

Do You Need the help of a professional concrete contractor in New Castle, DE?

Are you looking for the help of a professional concrete contractor for your residential or commercial property? Do you need a specialist who specializes in regular and stamped concrete, as well as in masonry and retaining walls? Then, Outside Services LLC is the company you need to contact. We are among the leading contractors in the area, and we know everything about concrete.
It does not matter how big or small your project is – we are here to help you. Our work is proven and built to last, and we do all we can to make our clients satisfied. We have completed over 250 different projects, and we are ready to help you with yours, too. Feel free to contact us today to schedule a consultation.