Masonry Services in Phoenixville, PA

Whether you need a retaining wall for functional purposes or simply for aesthetic ones, Outside Services LLC is the company to call for masonry in the greater Phoenixville, PA region. We build retaining walls that stand the test of time, protecting your property and adding structure and curb appeal in the process. Add beauty, structure and permanence to your landscaping with a gorgeous retaining wall installed by our masons.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls lend a sense of stability to any landscape, and in some cases they’re necessary to prevent erosion and assist with proper drainage. As a leading stone mason service in Phoenixville, PA, we can build and install a new block wall or retaining wall at your residential or commercial property. We have extensive experience building retaining walls that serve their purpose and look great, too.

Our team takes a careful, deliberate approach to retaining walls because we know that, while simple in appearance, an improperly designed and installed wall can entirely undermine their purpose. We consider drainage and pressure from the soil as we create a functional, beautiful wall for your landscaping.

Why Choose Us?

We have an excellent track record of success when it comes to building retaining walls, and no project or terrain is too challenging for us to work with. Retaining walls built by our masons can provide a wide range of benefits including:

  • Containing erosion: We can design a wall that keeps soil from moving downhill, decreasing the angle of slope of your property.
  • Protecting a property’s foundation: Erosion can compromise an uphill foundation. If your property has hills or slopes, investing in a quality retaining wall can play a major role in preserving the integrity of your property’s foundation.
  • Adding usable space to your yard: Hills and mounds can take up valuable space in your yard. We can create terracing using a sequence of retaining walls, adding more functional, usable space to your yard for outdoor activities, planting or anything else.

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Outside Services LLC is a proven masonry professional in Phoenixville, PA. If you need a retaining wall for function, beauty or a combination of both, our work is proven and built to last. Call us today at 607-754-6767 to schedule your estimate.